Privacy Policy

Non-Discloser Agreement (NDA)

SEO Services Agency respect your privacy and we give you a guarantee that the information shared between us by any communication means will remain confidential. The information will not be shared with any 3 rd parties under any conditions. Your copyrights will always be yours.

Without your consent, we will not reveal any of your personal details like email, phone number, artwork, order details and any other information including our communication and final product.

SEO Services Agency gives a 100% assurance to our clients that we only offer original and innovation services. What is yours is yours and it won't come in the hands of others.

Money Back Guarantee

We know everyone looks for the best and tries to get that only. We respect that outlook. Our customers' requirements are our main priority and we are happy when they are satisfied. However, when times come that we are not able to contribute fully to our client's satisfaction or if the order is not completed, we provide a prompt full refund.

Refund Policy

Cancellations: The cancellation can happen if the supplier or customers negate an order for a fund withdrawal from the customer's bank account or card account prior to the work of the particular order is started.

Refunds: Contact Us regarding your services from SEO Services Agency for a full refund lest of any the aforesaid reasons as soon as possible.