Putting affiliate Internet marketing to work for you

Done right, there are few online strategies that are more effective or profitable than affiliate Internet marketing. At SEO Services Agency, our team of affiliate marketing professionals has the experience and expertise to create online affiliate marketing strategies and campaigns that will propel your business to the next level of online success.

What online affiliate marketing can do for your company

At its simplest, online affiliate marketing is when the owner of one website promotes the products and services of another and is paid a commission when that promotion leads to a sale. Most affiliate programs use various ads, banners and links to promote products and services.

Because of its low cost and high reward, affiliate Internet marketing is becoming increasingly popular for businesses of all types and sizes. For affiliate sites, affiliate Internet marketing can be an easy, no hassle way to create steady cash flow with commissions as high as 40% or more. And for companies publishing their products and services through an affiliate network, it can mean a dramatic increase in sales and conversions.

Why we’re the affiliate marketing agency you need

Whether promoting your products and services through an affiliate network, serving as an affiliate to promote the products and services of others or both, SEO Services Agency has the deep knowledge and expertise needed for maximum ROI. Our affiliate Internet marketing services include all phases of publisher and campaign development and management as well as comprehensive reporting. Services include:

  • Banner and text link creation
  • Affiliate review, selection and quality assurance
  • Testing affiliate sites
  • Incentives and promotions development
  • Coordination and communication with affiliate networks
  • Monitoring and quality assurance of affiliate networks
  • Transaction and commission reporting
  • And more!

Get started with our free consultation

At SEO Services Agency, we’re a complete affiliate management agency that’s with you each step of the way – from creating custom affiliate Internet marketing strategies to implementation, management and support. To learn more about online affiliate marketing services from SEO Services Agency and what those services can do to boost your company’s bottom line, contact us today for a free initial consultation.